Juliana Nelson

is the founder and executive director at Heal The Soul.

She is also the founder of this beautiful community of healers and facilitators, that co create and co facilitate various events for our local and global communities. 

Welcome to Soul Sisters

We are a community of female healers, teachers, coaches and facilitators, weaving together our gifts and strengths.

Creating a collective container for healing, supporting the embodiment of our Collective Feminine Soul.

Our mission is an invitation to all women, to dive deeply into the Mystery of what it actually means to be a woman. To awaken together from the deep state of collective slumber, in remembrance of our Divine Feminine Essence and True Nature.

May we fully embody the feminine qualities

that are our true inheritance.

May we walk together in beauty and grace.

Together, may we return to the Seat of the Unbroken.

“Today I honor the woman I am

In every woman I meet.

I lay my whip to rest, at last and

I vow to simply stay.

I vow to not turn against,

I vow to not turn away.

To be with you and whatever I see in you,

To be with myself and whatever arises in me.

I honor the Space between us and

Whatever arises in It.

Together we walk our womanhood,

Honestly and consciously.

We reclaim that which is our birthright

And perhaps has long been forgotten,

Our Inherited Feminine Essence.


May we return to

the Seat of the Unbroken.”

By Juliana Barros

September 2015