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Being a Woman

Posted on April 14, 2016 at 6:50 PM
Being a Woman

Being a woman is like being a river.
Flowing, changing, shifting.
Constantly mirroring. Reflecting.
Absorbing. Dissolving.
Allowing the self to be moved by the currents.
Invisible forces manifesting through us.
Sometimes peaceful, others rage full.
Passive. Agressive.
Giving. Receiving.
Pushing. Pulling.
Making space for all that is, as IT is constantly changing.
Moment to moment to moment.

A woman is never still.
She is always changing, always moving.
Like a heart that never stops beating.
A breath that never stops breathing.
And her only shot at any kind of authenticity
Lies in the recognition of her ever changing nature
And the full acceptance that she will never be the same.
She will always be a Mystery.
She will always be Unknown.

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