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Juliana Barros

is the founder and director at Heal The Soul.

She is a sistemic health specialist working in the fields of

pre-perinatal, birth, developmental, family,

intergenerational, cultural and collective trauma. 

She specializes in working with the health of the system,

as well as embodying higher dimensions of Love and light.

Her work focuses mainly on restoring

the natural movements of the Soul and

supporting the full embodiment of the Spirit.

Juliana holds abundant knowledge and understanding of structures, while working mainly with depth and space.

She has a true gift in finding and opening new spaces within traumatized spheres where healing can take place.    

Her fields of studies and influences include

advanced somatic healing, polarity therapy,

pre and perinatal imprinting, essential movement practices,

as well as the field of systemic constellations. 

She is a graduate of The Pocket Project training for healing intergenerational and collective trauma. 

Her spiritual background includes

Spiritism, Shamanism, Buddhism and Mysticism.

She is also a student of Kabbalah. 

JULIANA is an intuitive medium with deeply embodied and highly developed claircognizance

(the intuitive metaphysical sense of clear knowing, that includes clear seeing, clear hearing and clear feeling). 

SHE has a particular interest in

exploring intergenerational and collective imprinting.

She is passionate about restoring healthy connections

between the feminine and the masculine,

victims and perpetrators dynamics, as well as bridging the most unique/personal and the most collective/universal. 

She works privately with individuals as well as groups.

She offers her work both in person and online.

Juliana has a very strong, yet gentle presence.

A unique ability to See into the Unseen and to dive

deep into the Unknown in absolute Trust.

 She is an embodiment of the deepest feminine.

Her presence, in itself, is a palpable transmission of ancient feminine intelligence, Wisdom, Love, beauty and Grace.

Education and Trainings:

 Relational Constellation Institute of California (2006-2009):

* Two year Constellation Facilitation Training, with Joanna Chartrand and Dyrian Benz, in the Relational Constellation Approach. This is a blend of Somatic Psychology, Family Constellation Methodology, Embodiment Practices, Attachment Trauma Work, Internal Family System and Developmental Trauma, Somatic Experiencing, Family and Ancestral Trauma Imprinting, Transpersonal Psychology and Psycho-Spiritual influence from the Dimond Heart Approach. Followed by a third year of supervised facilitation and co facilitation. Santa Barbara, Ca, USA. 

• Chaos Constellation Training (2009):

• Sneh Victoria Schnabel Facilitator’s Workshop. Working with Constellation at the level of the Soul. Los Angeles, USA 

• Hellinger Spirit Mind Facilitator Training (2012):

• Bert and Sophie Hellinger Facilitator’s Workshop. The original founder of the Family Constellation Process, now working with Universal and Cosmic Consciousness.

• Sao Paulo, Brazil

• Shamanic Journeying for Guidance and Healing (2013-2014):

• Sandra Ingerman’s Online Training 1 and 2

• Mysticism and The Mystical Principles of Healing (2015-2016):

• Thomas Hubl’s Online Training 1 and 2

• Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy (2016):

 • Introduction 5 day Module with Anna Chitty from the Colorado School of Energy Studies. Working with the Health of the System, sensing the nervous system energetic map and tracking multiple fluid tides. 

• Embodying Higher Consciousness

• Awakening to Higher Frequencies of Love (2016-2017):

• Stephen Busby’s 9 month Online Course. Eros, intimacy, self-transcendence, unity consciousness. Refining subtle perception, radical presence, the multi-dimensional self in relationship, working with higher functions of humanity. Karmic ancestral, collective and spiritual imprinting, repatterining through Love. Broadening our base.

• Foundation Training

• Prenatal and Birth Imprinting (2016-2018):

• Ray Castellino’s 2 year training includes practitioner’s skill of holding therapeutic presence, tracking somatic, energetic and fluid tide rhythms to access and facilitate the resolution of prenatal and birth stress and trauma. Understanding and sensing the cranial sacral tide system and the embryonic development of the brain and the nervous system. Pre conception and conception, implantation, gestation. Trauma and shock imprinting, bonding and attachment trauma. Birth, chemical and surgical imprinting. Life, death, loss and double binds. How double bind imprints effect families and group dynamics. Ancestral and family influences. Twin psychological imprinting, twin loss, twin counter-transference issues and dynamics. Abortions, miscarriages, stillbirths. Ojai, California, USA 

• Body Into Being

• Advanced Somatic & Energetic Training (2017-2018):

• Anna Chitty and Ray Castellino’s training is a blend of Polarity Therapy, Biodynamic Cranial Sacral, Advanced Somatic Experiencing, Polarity Maps of Energy Flow including the integration of the two poles (involution/evolution, expansion/contraction, yin/yang). The triune function of the nervous system and energy flow. Creating fields of harmonic resonance. Recognizing expression of implicit somatic memory and preverbal story expression. Bonding and attachment. Secure attachment and accurate somatic reflection. Becoming a reflective field for the health of the system. Ojai, California, USA

• The Pocket Project Training

• Intergenerational and Collective Trauma Integration (2017-2018):

• Thomas Hubl’s one year training on leading and facilitating collective processes with large groups. Developing energetic, psychological and spiritual tools to expand consciousness, subtle perception and embodiment, in order to hold a higher presence in the midst of collective trauma. Exploring intergenerational and collective shadow dynamics. Working directly with cultural and collective imprinting such as slavery, colonization, world wars, civil wars, genocides, etc. Neve Ilan, Israel. 

Bio for Collective Process Facilitation Training

Juliana Barros is a Constellation Facilitator working with collective fields of trauma worldwide. Her pioneering work is the leading edge on facilitation, for those who wish to expand their body of work and include our cultural and collective imprinting, in order to serve Humanity as a Whole.

Juliana was a presenter at the North American Systemic Constellation Conference in 2017, themed Bridging the Divide: Healing the Personal & Collective Soul. She is a graduate of The Pocket Project Training for Collective and Intergenerational Trauma Integration. She is also part of the Pocket Project’s Training Constellation Facilitator’s Team.

She works with both small and large groups, as well as with individuals. 

Juliana is originally from Brazil.

Her spiritual background includes Allan Kardec Spiritism, Buddhism, Shamanism and Mysticism.

She is an intuitive medium with deeply embodied and highly developed claircognizance

(the intuitive metaphysical sense of clear knowing, that includes clear seeing, clear hearing and clear feeling). 

She serves as a bridge between the Seen and the Unseen.

Between the Known and the Unknown. She’s a dweller in the Mystery.